MYEL jewelry: from the sketch to the final product in 5 steps

MYEL jewelry: from the sketch to the final product in 5 steps

As you know by now, all of our jewelry is handmade locally, here in Montreal. But what does that mean, really? Here are all the steps your MYEL piece goes through before enhancing your most beautiful outfits.

1 - Sketching

The first sketch of a MYEL piece takes shape thanks to Myriam Elie’s expert draughtsmanship. From a burgeoning idea to the final drawing, the design becomes more precise, and its composition and allure reach a final form.

All the specifications are then decided upon: the cut and colour of the gems, the type and length of chains, the dimensions of the various elements…Every detail is examined carefully so that it reflects the designer’s initial vision while also ensuring feasibility and durability.

I find inspiration all around me. Fashion, music, the vibrant atmosphere of a foreign city, an exhibition, the contrasts of nature - everything around me can creates the spark that will guide my next collection.

2 - Creating the prototype

The final sketches are then sent to our 3D designer, Joseph, who prints a 3D wax prototype of the piece which is then produce once with sterling silver: this is the master. The prototype allows the team to visualize the jewel under all its angles. Is is then used to create the casting mold so it has to be absolutely perfect – even the tiniest of imperfection would be transferred to the mold and, in turn, on all the jewelry cast in it. The operative word here is meticulousness!

Myel mold in 3D

Myel master

3 - Making the mold

The master is then covered with rubber and placed in an induction furnace. The craftsman then carefully removes the prototype to retrieve the rubber mold that has taken the shape of the jewel, and into which he will pour the liquid wax. Once cooled, the wax is recovered and placed in a concrete vat that will solidify and trap the wax. Heated to a high temperature, the wax melts, and the concrete tray has printed the negative of the jewel. The mold is ready!

Myel jeweler making the mold

Myel jeweler working

4 - Casting the first sample

The liquid alloy is then poured into the mold, then cooled down to accelerate its solidification process. Once the mold is removed, the piece is cleaned, polished, and retouched. It is then ready to receive its adornments: precious stones, chains, etc.

The piece is polished once more, and reviewed by our Quality and Production team. Is the piece sound? Does its weight respect the norms? Is it faithful to the original idea? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we move on to the last step of the creation process.

5 - Production

The sample got the team’s seal of approval ? Then it just needs to be reproduced and displayed in our boutique!

Myel production

Myel Nausicaa Ring

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