With its incredible landscapes, spectacular wildlife and flora, turquoise waters and fine sand, Australia is a country that inspires dreams. But did you know that it is also one of the largest producers of high-quality sapphires in the world? Sought-after for their vibrant colours, clarity, and hardness, Australian sapphires are highly valued in the world of high-end jewelry. Let's shed light on these unique and fascinating gems!

1. A Versatile Gemstone

Sapphires are gemstones that have been used for centuries in the production of jewelry. They are often associated with the colour blue, although it is possible to find pink, yellow, green, purple, or even colourless sapphires! This gemstone is also known for its hardness and therefore its resistance to scratches and impacts: it reaches a score of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. These characteristics make it a highly prized stone, particularly for engagement rings, and it is actually the most commonly used stone in jewelry after the famous diamond. Sapphires can be found all over the world, including Sri Lanka, the United States, Brazil, Thailand, Africa, and also in Australia.

The red sapphire does not exist, and the red stones that can be found on the market and called "red sapphires" are actually rubies! Sapphire and ruby are sister gemstones. They are both minerals belonging to the corundum family. Ruby gets its red colour due to the presence of chromium in its chemical composition.

Did you know? Sapphire is often considered a symbol of fidelity, truth, and loyalty, making it a popular stone for engagement rings and wedding bands. It is also the birthstone associated with the month of September.

3. Sapphires at MYEL

At MYEL, we only purchase stones whose origin we know, and for sapphires, we only choose Montana sapphires or Australian sapphires, which guarantee us a high level of ethics. Some Australian sapphires found in MYEL jewelry come from Inverell, a small town in New South Wales. This town of just over 11,000 inhabitants is located on the east coast of the country, about 320 km southwest of Brisbane. A few years ago, our gemology partner Pierres de Charme had the chance to meet John Wilson, who operates one of the largest sapphire mines in Australia and employs about ten people.

Australian sapphires are precious gemstones of great value and exceptional quality, extracted under conditions that respect the planet and its inhabitants, ensuring their traceability and high ethical standards. Their natural beauty and rarity make them a top choice for high-quality jewelry, particularly engagement rings.

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